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In partnership with World Resources Group (WRG), we have helped to provide safer cook stoves in Linaca, purchased a school bus for a community and covered medical costs for a child with a severe cleft palate.  In addition, we have an ongoing commitment to fund the salaries of nine Honduran staff workers and provide scholarships for over a dozen students to attend high school and serve as mentors in the after school centers.

Since 2013, we have sent members of our church down to Honduras to work with our friends there. We’ve had the chance to teach English, run creative writing workshops, lead games and crafts and teach them about being effective leaders in their community. Most importantly, the trips have given us the opportunity to build relationships both with the children and with the Honduran mentors who serve them. They are our brothers and sisters in Christ and we know their stories.

Over the years, we have built close friendships with the mentors – the young adults who have devoted their lives to serving the youth in their communities. These mentors do not have a lot of resources: at one center, three teachers staff a program for 300 children. But they have faith that God will provide. As a church, we are committed to financially supporting these mentors as they serve Christ in their communities.

How Can I help?

We are overjoyed to work with the children in Honduras – to see their bright smiles, to hear their laughter, to watch them grow – and yet the need is great. At present, there are many more communities that have asked WRG to come and teach their children, but WRG doesn’t have the money to hire enough new staff. At some sites where they currently serve, the children have no building in which to meet. Our church will be sending another team of volunteers to Honduras in August and we want to continue to be a blessing to the mentors and the work they are doing.

If you would like to support this work financially, please click on the link below. Thank you for your partnership in building God’s Kingdom!