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Pentecostal Tabernacle Community Builder (PTCB) is an online tool for engaging with the church. Whether it’s keeping up with ministry announcements, signing up for an event, or managing your tithes and offerings, PTCB is a powerful platform to stay in touch with life at PT. Learn more about PTCB by reading the information below.

Engage with Pentecostal Tabernacle

Why we use PTCB

As the Lord grows our church, the need for our people to live in gospel-centered community becomes ever more important. PTCB gives us a place to connect with that community.



Our pastors and leaders will communicate to our body on a church and group level, sharing ministry opportunities, special event information, etc. Leaders will communicate to groups and volunteers. Group members will communicate with one another and their leader. There are several ways for the church to communicate via PTCB.


Using PTCB

The easiest way to learn how to use PTCB is by simply spending time on it, browsing around and checking out all the features. There will also be video tutorials and ongoing tips available to help you better navigate your way around.


First-time user

If you signed up for an account the first time PTCB launched and have forgotten your username and password, click on the “Log In” button and use the ‘Forgot username or password?’ to have an automatic password reset email sent to you.

If you are new to PT or do not have an account use the “Sign Up” button to request a username and password.